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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

So I'm back online, huge THANK YOU hank you to James who fixed my broken website.

I need to keep James on retainer as he saved my site. Seriously, it's been broken since October or November 2020.

Since last post, so much has happened and clearly not enough time here to share quick update about being back online and what I'm most happy to report is I've received my 2nd Pfizer vaccine. I was lucky; no symptoms other than pain at injection. Same for my husband, John and our youngest son, Zachary - no symptoms with Pfizer shots. Only daughter, Lyndsay, still waiting for my data on the vaccines, especially after pausing the J&J vaccine. J&J is what Brittany, daughter-in-law had, she's still in that time window of worrying. Her husband, Robert; also our oldest son, I have no idea if he's been vaccinated or not. He doesn't call his mother often enough.

Looking forward to more of us returning to outside home type activities such as the Spring Into Fall Festival I enjoyed this past Saturday morning in nearby South Carolina. Late Sunday morning, took motorcycle drive to Lake Wylie, SC. Lake Wylie about 30 minutes from Pineville, NC where I live, right outside Charlotte city limits and nearly sitting on NC/SC state borders. Really beautiful weather this past weekend in the Charlotte area; and have to admit I'm enjoying riding the Harley much more than the Yamaha. The Harley has much smoother ride plus we have the radio to listen to now as well.

Next update will be on changes to the craft studio. Videos coming soon.

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