How to DIY Better

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

That's definitely a question I've asked myself before, have you? So how do we DIY better in the realm of DIY Crafting

This question was difficult for me to actually answer at first. How do I DIY better when creating craft projects? When I first set on blog topic of 'How To DIY Better', I thought it would be easy to answer and was excited to share my experiences and observations with others. Yet, once I sat down to write the blog, I discovered it's not easy and, really, more difficult to answer when considering how broad 'DIY crafting' is and even varying perceptions of 'DIY crafting' defined. However, it wasn't long before I decided for myself, technology and practice is how I DIY better and I do this repeatedly when crafting projects involve my #Cricut cutting machines. A Cricut is a cutting machine that can cut several different materials for your craft projects like paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, felt, poster board, leather, and thin woods. If you're reading this you probably already know what a Cricut cutting machine is, if not you can find more information at

I'm thankful to own the Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker and new Cricut Joy machines and actually have had all 3 Cricuts running at the same time. That was a very exciting day for me! :-) I am grateful to have an entire other life that pays for my crafting and husband who supports crafting as a form of therapy. Up to a point, he doesn't pay for anything Cricut anymore*. I know my Cricuts help me to DIY better by doing all the cutting for me and I've used them to cut many supported materials but not everything yet. I need your inspiration for next crafting projects and I'm eagerly wanting to use the newer Cricut Maker Tools, especially the debossing and engraving tips with acrylic and light metals.

It's DIY crafting with a #Cricut machine, it's easy right?

I, DIY better when crafting by learning new workflows and techniques often by watching how-to-videos and completing tutorials, reading related blogs and community forums as well as attempting to add my own personal touches to our craft projects. I, DIY better by practicing learned skills such as newly introduced Cricut Foil Transfer Tool for both Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker machines. I, DIY better by adopting new technology such as the Adaptive Tool System for Cricut Maker along with newer Cricut Maker Tools which enabled Cricut Maker owners to work with a wider variety of materials. I, DIY better crafting when remembering that crafting itself is beautiful; that the mindfulness crafting provides oneself is truly therapeutic. I, DIY better when I remember to reach out to other crafters in the #CricutCommunity.

TIP: Practice cutting designs on plain paper before testing with costlier materials such as vinyl, leather, acrylic, balsa wood, etc.

I was always hesitant to reach out to other crafters in the #CricutCommunity because I consider myself an educated person and smart enough to learn on my own. In my entire other life - I've worked over 20 years supporting Esri customers using our highly technical and complicated geographic mapping software applications and I'm a researcher and troubleshooter by nature, I mean I know how to Goggle! Although college educated, I soon learned I knew nothing about Cricut machines and only 18 months later I have learned that I have so much more to learn.

While I'm confident and comfortable in creating simpler designs in #CricutDesignSpace, I've become more adept with flourishing script lettering, and recently started tinkering in #Inkscape to design my own #SVGs. I've got lots of therapy projects, I mean crafting projects in my future. The first goal is for Denise Crafts to have a shop link to my own SVGs suitable for Cricut crafting projects before January 1, 2021. That would make 2020 a success for me. And, in my future, I'll have a CNC machine that will cut thicker woods (1.25") and metals not suitable for Cricut Maker.

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